1974 Mercedes Benz 200D Limousine


The name limousine or Limo, as they are popularly known, originated from the Limousine region in central France from a type of hood worn by the population that resembled the covering for a carriage. Later, it was known as the cover for the driver on an automobile, while today, it is known as a luxury vehicle that has a longer frame and wheelbase to accommodate more space behind the driver, at times more than is needed. There are also models that are stretched to accommodate further passengers and include a further seating arrangement behind the driver. These seats face forward and may be folded in the down (and out of the way) position. In general limousines have either six or eight seats and are offered by luxury car manufacturers. The W114/W115 models were the first post-war Mercedes-Benz production car to use a newly engineered chassis, not derived from preceding models.

The stacked-headlight Mercedes-Benz mid-range saloons we the company's bread-and-butter for a decade until the late-1970s. The W115 (four-cylinder) and W114 (six-cylinder) saloons continued the understated, elegantly stylish theme, but brought it up to date, and extended the range to include more engine and body options. With its antiseptically clean and simple styling, the W114 / W115 looks contemporary and elegant even in the 21st century. And with the replacement of that archaic swing axle rear suspension with a new trailing arm, fully independent system, it finally had a suspension worthy of a Mercedes. Mercedes Benz built 1,833,442 of them before ending production during 1976. That's a stunning 77 percent of all Mercedes passenger-car production during that time. It would be a tough act to follow. The middle (jump) seats fold away easily to leave enormous legroom for the rear passengers. The boot area is cavernous and has had a carpet fitted to keep things looking smart.

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