Dust Blue Delight

Soothing to the eyes and warming to the heart, this wedding you're about to see is a dose of delight–a dust blue delight. Paul and Chinky's celebration was woven from one delightful detail to another. The bridal robes… Those bridesmaids dresses… We actually could go on and on, but honestly, everything in this wedding simply spells utter dream romance, don't you think? We'll just let Myio Okamoto Photography guide you to this full gallery. Enjoy!

Flawless First Love

As we go about our day, we all want a little bit of wonderful in it! Why not have a lot of wonderful, easily supplied in June and Iza's wedding by Randolf Evan? A dramatic dress, a S'mores station, and a sweet love story complement each other perfectly, and are all wrapped up together in a color scheme fit for a fairytale! With some sparkle here and there, and an invitation by Print Cafe that's hard to look away from, it's easy to see we've been graced with some true rustic prettiness.

Fresh Florals

Before we continue our day, let's take a moment to stop and smell the roses, shall we? Today's lovely floral affair is brought to us by Team Benitez Photo! Even with the simple setup of Ysrael and Thea's big day, everything from the wedding ceremony to the reception became so much more delightful because of Teddy Manuel's flower arrangements and decor. It's also so adorable how the couple managed to have something simple and personalized for their entourage, don't you think? Browse through the rest of the photos, and gush over all those charming little details. Enjoy, dearies!

Red Radiance

Get ready to be swept away with today's romantic wedding in red! The bride in Regina Yulo is as stunning as can be–you can definitely see her beauty radiating in all the photos. Bold colors never cease to lift my spirits, so I'm super engrossed with the red bridesmaid dresses here too! Oh, and here's a lovely fact about our couple today: They were together for 11 years before tying the knot. Talk about patience and true love! Our radiant bride Maja of Eventcetera Events also planned and styled her own wedding. How cool is that? She got to make the wedding of her dreams come to life firsthand! See more of this love story unfold through Bryan Venancio's snaps and PurpleCraft Studio's video. Have a lovely day ahead, darlings!

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